Resiliency allows people to bounce back. Resiliency allows kids to thrive. To excel. To Become their Personal Best.

The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum’s series “Becoming Your Personal Best: Life Lessons from Olympians and Paralympians” is more than an educational tool that can be seamlessly integrated within your lesson plans; it’s an essential tool for all young people as they inevitably face life’s challenges.

BYPB includes a nine-part, on-demand video series produced to help young people, families, and communities develop positive resiliency skills to meet life’s challenges in the areas of self-identity, mindsets, problem-solving, perseverance, relationships, and confidence – important aspects of wellness that aren’t covered in traditional studies.

The Why

Season 2021 Episode 1
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Physical Resiliency

Season 2021 Episode 2
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Mental Resiliency

Season 2021 Episode 3
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Emotional Resiliency

Season 2021 Episode 4
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Social Resiliency

Season 2021 Episode 5
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Spiritual Resiliency

Season 2021 Episode 6
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Educators & Youth: Part 1

Season 2021 Episode 7
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Educators & Youth: Part 2

Season 2021 Episode 8
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A Conversation with Dr. Charles Benight

Season 2021 Episode 9
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