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Program Materials

The Becoming Your Personal Best (BYPB) lesson plans are tailored to kids in grades 4 through 12. The entire program includes 32 modules and 80 lessons which are organized by grade level and are separated into elementary, middle, and high school materials. Each module is composed of lesson plans, activities, and five-minute, athlete-led videos.

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Youth in Crisis
Resiliency is lacking in youth of all ages and is a major challenge in the education setting. Students are seeking help. Emotional vulnerability is raising alarm bells throughout the country. Many students are afraid of failure in all areas of life. Sadly, we’ve seen the crisis reflected in increasing numbers of youth suicide.

Youth Educator Solution
Becoming Your Personal Best: Life Lessons from Olympians and Paralympians is a comprehensive resiliency program developed by the USOPM in partnership with the Colorado Health Foundation. The program brings together some of the greatest minds in Colorado and showcases the greatest role models of resiliency: Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

BYPB Program Architecture