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Becoming Your Personal Best: Engagement & Impact

With BYPB, our commitment is to be an effective and impactful resource for our students, educators, families, and communities. Our team has developed an evaluation strategy to proactively understand the BYPB experience. In all BYPB engagements, we employ qualitative and quantitative approaches to capture our participant’s experiences, identify ways to improve BYPB, and measure any attitudinal and behavioral shifts. Below you will see highlights of our ongoing efforts.

In our ongoing survey of families, teachers, parents, caretakers, sponsors from different schools, clubs, teams, and community groups, most respondents thought the BYPB experience was:





Engagement & Impact

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BYPB History

Video Series Aired

Video Series Aired on RMPBS during Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games;

Total reach of 80,000+ unique households in Colorado for 2021 + 2022 showings.

BYPB Awarded 2 Anthem Awards

Anthem Awards honor the purpose of mission-driven work by amplifying the projects that spark global change.

Category: Education, Art, & Culture - Partnership or Collaboration: Community Engagement 
Medal Class: Silver

Category: Education, Art, & Culture - Partnership or Collaboration: Awareness
Medal Class: Bronze

BYPB Active Community Growth

BYPB ‘active’ community of 2000+ educators – up 57% from 2021.

Students Visited USOPM

2300+ Students visited USOPM and engaged in a BYPB activity with an Olympian/Paralympian.

Student Engagement in BYPB Activites

1500+ students engaged with BYPB activities during Olympian/Paralympian visits to schools.

Adult Engagement in BYPB Sessions

70+ adults engaged in adult focused BYPB sessions to support facilitation of youth BYPB programming.

BYPB Higher Education

BYPB concurrent High School/College course offered in Fall of 2022.  

Program Piloted

Program piloted with 61 organizations throughout Colorado (schools, homeschools, youth organizations, and youth sport teams and clubs).

Video Series Aired

Video Series aired twice on Rocky Mountain PBS prior to Summer Olympic & Paralympic Games, reaching 40,000 unique households.

BYPB Offical Launch

BYPB officially launches in 2021.

BYPB Developed and Designed

BYPB developed and designed in collaborative process with a diverse team of educators, athletes, and youth stakeholders (see design team). Design process used “Design for Equity and Accessibility” framework.


"COVID-19 has certainly left an impact on our students and we continue to learn about the emotional footprint is has left and continues to leave. Becoming Your Personal Best could not come at a better time. The content for each module provides messaging, information and, activities our students will greatly benefit from, especially during this time. BYPB does a wonderful job teaching about the multiple skills needed for students to build resilience in a manner appropriate for each grade level. The activities are thoughtfully designed for Colorado’s diverse learners and a variety of learning styles.”

-Georgina Owen, ELD Specialist and Title VII State Coordinator, Office of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education

"I love the format and think it is a great way to build up to reflection. For example, almost every lesson starts with a prompting question, which allows students to begin to unconsciously preview our topic for that lesson, followed by the topic being modeled for them and ending with the reflection of the information that has been presented. I love this format and believe that it is a great way to keep students engaged."

"I think the strengths of BYPB are the actual athletes and their stories. They make the curriculum real...applicable. The videos are very good, too. I like the focus on vocabulary and growth mindset."

"I am grateful for your wonderful course! Your tutors are the best, and I am completely satisfied with the level of professional teaching. I recommend these courses to everyone, and wish you, guys, luck with the new studies!"

"BYPB helps kids identify their strengths and uses athletes to model the skills. When kids are able to identify those things that they excel, or want to excel at, they begin to find their voice, and BYPB leads them through activities that assist with that. The option to use a shortened version of the curriculum and to choose the pieces that made sense for my classroom was very helpful."

"Video reaction? 9.5 out of 10 from my kids on relevancy, interest and coolness factor."

“My job is to make sure military connected children receive the support and resources they need. We’re thankful to see a lot more of this kind of’s hard to pick which modules we need because they’re all great!“

- Ruth Moore, School Liaison, Child and Youth Education Services, 50 FSS/FSYS, Schriever AFB CO

“This is cool. Being a former athlete, I can relate to everything in the curriculum. Resiliency has been a big theme for us - it’s not just the kids’ problems right now, it’s the adults too!”

- Haley Thomas, Senior Program Director, YMCA of Northern Colorado, Lafayette, CO

"I found that the curriculum promoted and encouraged the kids in my troop to feel more accepted as they are... Further into the program, as the kids shared their experiences and ideas, they found that they had so much more in common with one another; with the takeaway still being that even if they didn’t have things in common, accepting people as they are was just as rewarding. We have a very diverse troop; racially, religiously, and gender expansive. This program introduced a way for the kids to develop tools or a road map to find their voice to express their individuality. What started as a very quiet meeting, ending up being a very fervent exchange of definitions, ideas, and solutions."

- Jane Adams, Girl Scout Troop Leader, Colorado Springs, CO
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