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Becoming Your Personal Best


About BYPB

Becoming Your Personal Best (BYPB) is a program built to help today’s youth as they face incredible challenges, connecting them to Olympians and Paralympian mentors who share their own powerful stories of resiliency.  Through this partnership, we will help build hope and resiliency in this generation and many to come – not only for our students, but also for the teachers, families, and communities that love and care for them. This exciting and engaging program helps kids in grades 4-12 expand their knowledge of self-identity, mindset, problem-solving, perseverance, relationships, and confidence.

Our program incorporates life lessons from some of the most inspiring role models who have proven resiliency in their own lives – Olympians and Paralympians. These are athletes that young people tend to look up to and are open to learning from.  It is with the help of our Olympian and Paralympian champions that BYPB provides essential tools to build and strengthen resilience in the lives of young people.

A first-of-its-kind social-emotional educational program championed by a team of educators and through the generous support of our donors, BYPB provides comprehensive program materials and lesson plans to teachers, counselors, coaches, parents, caretakers, and any adults who work with kids in any capacity.

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About Our Program


Program Materials

The BYPB program helps students explore why some people are able to bounce back from adversity more quickly than others and elaborates on how they can develop a positive mindset, grow through failure, and meet personal challenges.

Meet our Athletes



Meet the athletes who share their inspirational life lessons to help young people learn about setting goals, meeting personal challenges, growing through failure, and developing a positive mindset. Not only do these U.S. Olympians and Paralympian mentors instill a sense of pride and sportsmanship in the students they work with, but also help kids translate what they learn in the BYPB program to every aspect of their lives, helping them practice kindness and teach others through their example. 

Becoming Your Personal Best is proud to be the recipient of the 2022 Anthem Awards, receiving Bronze in Community Engagement and Silver in Awareness.




Frequently Asked Questions

Internet access
A device to view the videos (tablet, smartphone, desktop, laptop, etc.)
An educator/youth leader/parent to lead each module
A printer
Yes. A formal classroom setting is not needed. These lessons are designed to be facilitated face-to-face and/or virtually by educators, family members, group leaders, or mentors.
Content that focuses on ONE of the following resiliency skills: Self-Identity, Mindset, Problem Solving, Perseverance, Relationships, and Confidence. Introductory video featuring a U.S. Olympic or Paralympic athlete, three individual lessons with each lesson plan including background material, lesson objectives, a materials list, reflection questions, and activities that connect to the introductory athlete companion video.
We’ve designed the modules for maximum flexibility. There are accelerated lessons that take 15-20 minutes, and each full lesson takes 45-60 minutes. These modules are easily adaptable to your unique learning environment!
There are no audience requirements. You have the option of facilitating one-on-one or with a small group of students/children.
Modules can be facilitated by educators, mentors, group leaders, parents or family members.
The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum’s education team is here to help at any time. Contact us at [email protected]

Project Leadership


Pam Shockley-Zalabak, PhD
Laura Quinn, PhD

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